Blasting and coating

Blasting and coating

Our coating line has a length of 50 m and is capable of coating components with a height of 6 m and a width of 4 m.

Coating of pipes and steel components is performed with various coating methods and with approved coating materials – in conformity to ZTV-ING and BAW Guidelines.

Detailed documentation and verification (coating reports) make every step in a given coating process comprehensible.

Continual high quality of coating operations is ensured by our qualified staff members (KOR Certificate).

Service Portfolio

Shit-blasting                              up to SA 2.5

Priming and top coating

- Large variety of RAL colours up to 1000 µm can be provided

Durchlaufstrahlanlage für Rohre und Bleche

Technical parameters:

3.000 mm
600 mm
18.000 mm